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Welcome NMGCO Associates

A consultant relationship exists with ErgoStrategies, LLC to specifically monitor our ergonomics process and programs.  We have the ability to address your ergonomic concerns before they become a problem.  This includes all of our call centers and anyone working at an office workstation throughout the State of New Mexico.

We have the ability to offer each of our employees:

  • Complete ergonomic reviews of your work space.

  • Review online education to help you quickly learn to adjust your chair or sit-stand workstations.

  • Review online education to ensure you understand the equipment at your workstations - proper fit, proper use, proper care.

  • Review online education for symptoms for early intervention and detection of ergonomic issues present in your work environment.

  • The ability to purchase the equipment that makes sense for your job and task

  • Email followups and automated tracking of your requests and education completion to ensure you are feeling better and everything has gone well.

  • Need a professional evaluation of your workstation?  

    1. Complete a service request for "NMGC Safety,” “Ergonomics”

    2. Complete the information form below.

 We hope you participate and use the services we have to offer for your health and wellness.


Sam Bradbury MAOM, ATC, CPE

Certified Professional Ergonomist

If you are looking for more information, self help tips, general ergonomics education, how to's on setting your workstation or chair please checkout the video page.

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